Gulf Coast Endodontics Has Four Locations, Including Baytown!

Did you know that our Baytown location is now open? Our Baytown location is our fourth location within the Greater Houston area. That means we’re located throughout Houston. We’re increasingly accessible from all parts of the Greater Houston area!

AlexaGulf Coast Endodontics Has Four Locations, Including Baytown!

Baytown Location Now Open

Update: Baytown location now open. We are opening a Baytown location soon!

admin-tempBaytown Location Now Open

Outstanding Case Report

A 56 year old Caucasian female presented lingering pain to cold and pain to bite. The patient was unable to sleep because she was in so much pain from tooth #30. Pulpal diagnosis: Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis. Periapical diagnosis: Symptomatic apical periodontitis. Procedure performed: Non-surgical root canal therapy. Prognosis: Excellent.

admin-tempOutstanding Case Report

The End of the Root

Dr. Mark Haddad saves the world one root canal at a time.

admin-tempThe End of the Root

Root Canal Safety

Concerned about the safety of root canal treatment? Don’t be. Watch this informative video via the American Association of Endodontists to learn how endodontists such our own perform many root canal treatments every year, safely, effectively, and comfortably.

admin-tempRoot Canal Safety

Apicoectomy Case Study

Endodontic surgery, typically referred to as surgical root canal or apicoectomy, is used to treat apical periodontitis in cases that did not heal after nonsurgical re-treatment, or, in certain cases, primary root canal therapy with persistent intracanal infections after iatrogenic changes to the original canal anatomy,persistent microorganisms in the apical foramen, extra-radicular infection (including bacterial plaque on the apical root …

admin-tempApicoectomy Case Study