Mark N. Haddad, DDS

Meet Dr. Mark Haddad

Dr. Mark Haddad, a man motivated by challenge

When asked what he enjoys most about life, Mark’s response is a testament to his eager enthusiasm for life. “I love the feeling I get in the morning knowing that every day is going to be a challenge and will be different. You don’t know who you’re going to meet and what case you’re going to treat.”

As the big brother of his close-knit family, Mark was drawn to the dental profession for the commitment of working with people and treating all patients as they are family. After practicing as a general dentist, Mark’s passion for root canal treatment came to fruition. He was intrigued by the intricacy and complexity of the specialty. He sees endodontics as the “most technically challenging part of dentistry” and realized the satisfaction he found in “relieving patients of their pain.”

Mark is excited about relocating to Texas, for he finds Pasadena and the greater Houston area to be a “sprawling metropolis with warm people and warm weather.” Mark’s mission for his work at Gulf Coast Endodontics is to “provide patients with the highest quality endodontic care using the newest and latest technology and to do this as painlessly as possible.” He takes pride in the inviting atmosphere of the office as it is “paperless, state of the art, and suited to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible in a peaceful environment.”

In his free time, Mark enjoys skiing, golfing, and reading.

The Dr. Mark Haddad Story

Between the warm weather and the Texas barbeque, it’s no mystery what about Houston appeals to two Canadian-born and Boston-educated brothers. For Mark and Matthew, who were born and raised in Ontario, the decision of where to establish their dental practice—and their lives—was easy. “I love Houston!” Mark says. “It’s new, it’s easy to get around in, and the people are welcoming and friendly.”

Mark –the eldest brother by 3 ½ years—graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy. He practiced general dentistry for three years before pursuing specialty training at Boston University. He is grateful for the opportunity to study at Boston University, a reputable endodontics school, under Dr. Jeffrey Hutter— the Dean of Boston University and a leading figure in the dental community.

Mark enjoys dentistry for the elements in combines: artistry, the opportunity to create something with your hands, to work with and help people, and to own your own business. The biggest challenge he has is calming the patient. “Many times people have a preconceived idea of how it’s going to be, and my job is to persuade them that it’s not what they expect. Every time, people walk out surprised at how easy it was,” he says.

Even though many of his hobbies aren’t doable in Houston—boating, water sports, and snow skiing for example— he doesn’t mind. It leaves that much more time for golf, and for eating barbeque—which he now understands is a hobby in itself.

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