What Does an Endodontist Do?

“Okay, I know what a dentist does, but just what does an endodontist in Houston, or anywhere, do?”

For those who have recently found out that they need to see an endodontist for a root canal or other procedure, it can be difficult if you do not understand what they do.

When trying to understand what an endodontist is, there are several things to think about. This is a dentistry specialization that patients should understand. Here’s what you should know along with the most important fact that we will do everything we can to make patients feel comfortable during procedures.

What an Endodontist Does

What does a Houston endodontist do?Essentially this is a dentist who has received accreditation from the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation for this field. These professionals will only practice endodontics so they can provide the best possible care. Their scope of practice is limited to treating diseases in the tooth pulp with procedures such as root canals.

In addition to providing endodontic procedures, the endodontist will be able to help provide knowledge to patients as well as helping to further the field with research. They keep up on all the latest advances in biologically acceptable procedures as well as materials used for the procedures. They often even help to educate the general public, not just the patients they see. For patients who are not sure how a procedure will work or what the best option is, an endodontist can give them the information and advice they need.

The Training Process

In order to become an endodontist, one needs to first go to dentistry school, which typically takes about four years. Once the dentist has been practicing for a couple years they can then go back to school to become an endodontist. The specialized training under the scope of endodontics takes between two and three years to complete depending on the institution the training is taken at. Once they have completed this they will get their certificate in endodontics.

What to Do When Endodontics is Needed

For people who need to see an endodontist, the first step is to see a dentist. They will generally refer out to an endodontist. From there, the next step is to find a qualified endodontist practice in their area.

Above all, it is important for people to remember to keep calm with these procedures as the procedure will be handled by a professional who is trained and experienced in the field of endodontics..

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