Core Buildup

Core buildup is a restoration system used to replace missing coronal tooth structure in a root-filled tooth. The restoration system is either a resin core or plastic composite-based system that’s designed to create the basic coronal tooth structure’s shape. Core buildup materials are intended to be close in composition to that of dentin.

Coronal tooth structure is lost when the tooth has decayed enough due to cavities. Core buildup effectively restores this coronal tooth structure with its dentin-like material. This dentin-like material is generally referred to as filling.

Pulpitis, root canal therapy.

Core Buildup, the Endodontic Seal

Following endodontic treatment, core buildup is immediately applied. Gutta percha is applied to the canal area, and the crown area is sealed with core buildup. Only with the proper core buildup can the treated tooth be adequately sealed against further infection. Core buildup can be referred to as the endodontic seal.

Restoration Curing Time

Core buildups can consist of self-cure, dual-cure, or light-cure products. But core buildup curing times vary depending on the size of the restoration needed, or the quantity of the material. The full curing time for a large restoration can take approximately eight minutes and a small restoration can take approximately three minutes.

Core Buildup at Gulf Coast Endodontics

You can rely on Gulf Coast Endodontics to properly apply core buildup to our root canal treatments. Our endodontic professionals will ensure a long-lasting core replacement with excellent bond strength and no cross-contamination.

AlexaCore Buildup