Absorption – Root Canal May Help

In dentistry, absorption has a couple of meanings, so if you think you may be having an absorption problem, read through this informational page first to recognize signs and symptoms. If you still have questions afterward, please feel free to ask the professionals at our office. We would be happy to talk to you about the science and your options.

Substances Processed Through Tissues

The first definition of absorption regards sealer and other materials. In this case, absorptions means the uptake or removal of substances into or through tissues, such as the biological removal of extruded sealer. In other words, sealer that has come loose from the main part of a filling can be taken into the body and processed, which exposes your system to the chemicals used in the sealant.

This is an especial concern when it comes to children, who are more sensitive to various chemicals. Many parents are worried that a common ingredient in sealer, bisphenol A (more commonly referred to as BPA), may cause harm to children. However, although it has been linked to early puberty and behavioral changes, the amounts involved in dentistry are very small, and most experts agree the benefits of good dental health outweigh the potential harms.

Tooth Trauma

Absorption can also have another meaning, and that is when your tooth is slowly absorbed into your body due to injury or trauma. This is usually referred to as resorption, though you may also see it as re-absorption or absorption. When the root is cracked, infected or otherwise injured, the pulp on the inside of your tooth may start dissolving your tooth from the inside out.

Houston Root Canal Can Save Affected Teeth

Absorption - root canal.

Often you will not know this is occurring, or you may notice that the tooth takes on a faint pink cast. If caught early, there’s a good chance a Houston root canal can save the tooth. If it isn’t caught soon enough, you may need the tooth pulled. If this is the case, our skilled dentists can help you find the solution to the problem that fits your lifestyle and budget best, so don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you are concerned about either of these issues, please feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We are always here to help, and will happily discuss treatment options for you and your children with the goal of making you the healthiest and most comfortable you can be.

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