Periodontitis (Pericementitis)

Periodontitis is also known as pericementitis, or, most commonly, as gum disease. It is characterized by the inflammation of the periodontium. The periodontium is tissues that surround, attach, and support teeth, which includes soft gum tissue. If left untreated, periodontitis leads to bone loss and can lead to loss of teeth. There are two types of periodontitis: asymptomatic apical periodontitis and symptomatic apical periodontitis.

Periodontitis (pericementitis).

Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis

Asymptomatic apical periodontitis does not produce noticeable clinical symptoms for the patient but regardless produces significant harm. Patients’ apical periodontium of pulpal origin is inflamed and damaged.

Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis

Symptomatic apical periodontitis produces the following noticeable clinical symptoms: palpation, percussion, or a painful response to chewing and biting. Patients’ teeth feel sensitive to cold and heat. Their apical periodontium is typically inflamed.

Root Canal Therapy for Periodontitis

Always remember that it is best to treat the issue before it gets worse, so please see your dentist for timely checkups! Also, remember that we are friendly Houston root canal specialists. Root canal therapy is used to treat periodontitis in cases that did not heal after treatment.

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