Sodium Perborate (NaBO3)

For those who are considering the best products for their dental procedures, one of the things they see is sodium perborate (NaBO3). There are a few things to keep in mind about this compound to understand what it is used for, its safety as well as its efficacy.

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Are your teeth not as white as they used to be?

What is Sodium Perborate (NaBO3)?

This is a white substance that has no odor. It is water soluble though it is often also mixed with hydrogen peroxide. The main use for this compound in a dental practice is for teeth bleaching. It can be left on the tooth for extended periods of time and will whiten the tooth from the inside out due to the way it rapidly releases oxygen.

How Safe is Sodium Perborate (NaBO3)?

Some people think that sodium perborate (NaBO3) is a dangerous substance because it has been banned for use in cosmetics. However, using it in a dental practice is very different. If a patient is concerned about how safe it will be to use at home on their own, the best thing they can do is have the procedure done in the safety of their Houston endodontist’s office. They will know the right mixture to be used as well as whether it will be effective for the type of whitening they are looking for which will lead to the best possible results from the whitening process.

How Well Does sodium perborate (NaBO3) Work for Whitening?

This is something that is used in many of the over the counter whitening products that use hydrogen peroxide for the simple fact that is helps to boost the results. This is also something many dental practices use because it has been shown to be effective. There are studies that have shown the way this can impact discolored teeth and have lasting results even a decade after the procedure has been done. This not only works with teeth that are yellow but other colors from damage to the tooth, such as blue discoloration of the tooth.

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