Dental fracture.A dental fracture is a split or break in bone, cartilage, or tooth structure. It is classified according to extent, location and type, and it is listed in the World Health Organization trauma classification as follows.

Crown Fracture with Pulp Exposure

A crown fracture with pulp exposure is a complicated fracture of enamel, dentin, and cementum with loss of the tooth structure, exposing the pulp.

Crown-Root Fracture without Pulp Exposure

A crown-root fracture without pulp exposure is an uncomplicated fracture of enamel, dentin, and cementum with loss of tooth structure, but not exposing the pulp.

Enamel-Dentin-Fracture (Uncomplicated Crown Fracture)

An enamel-dentin-fracture, otherwise known as an uncomplicated crown fracture, is a fracture involving enamel and dentin, but no pulp exposure, with loss of tooth structure.

Enamel-Dentin-Pulp-Fracture (Complicated Crown Fracture)

An enamel-dentin-pulp-fracture, otherwise known as a complicated crown fracture, is a fracture involving enamel, dentin, and exposure of the pulp with loss of tooth structure.

Enamel Fracture

An enamel fracture is a complete fracture of the enamel only.


An infraction is an incomplete fracture of the enamel without loss of tooth structure. An infraction is visibly just a crack in the tooth.

Root Fracture

A root fracture is limited to fractures of root structures involving cementum, dentin, and pulp.

Horizontal Root Fracture

A horizontal root fracture, otherwise known as an oblique root fracture, is a fracture due to traumatic injury confined to the root in a transverse plane separating the coronal and apical segments.

Vertical Root Fracture

A vertical root fracture occurs most frequently in endodontically-treated teeth. It’s characterized by a crack that begins in the root and extends toward the occlusal surface, and is usually buccal-lingual. It may be associated with an isolated periodontal defect. Radiographic detection may be difficult due to superimposed obturation and restorative materials.

Gulf Coast Endodontics Treats Fractures

Our team at Gulf Coast Endodontics not only provides exceptional root canal therapy in Houston, but thoroughly treats fractures, or cracked teeth, as well. We treat all World Health Organization trauma classifications of fractures.

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