What is Apical Scarring?

endodontics HoustonApical scarring is something that many people suffer with at some point in their life. For those who have never gone through this before, it can be very hard to understand what is going on. There are a few things to understand about this common dental issue.

What is an Apical Scar and What Causes it?

An apical scar is a scar that is found at the apex of a tooth from dense connective tissue. It is generally found after there has been a surgical procedure or endodontic treatments. The most common procedures that lead to these scars are procedures dealing with the root of a tooth.

As the tooth is healing after the procedure there simply ends up being more connective tissue sent to the tooth than is needed. This leaves a thickened scar on the tooth. While this is something the patient may be able to feel on their tooth, unless someone is looking closely at the tooth will not be noticeable.

Are Apical Scars Dangerous?

These are not generally dangerous and generally does not present with any other symptoms or pain. This does not mean you should not be examined by your dentist. This is because the scar can be confused on an x-ray for other conditions, such as granulomas or cysts.

The only way to truly tell whether it is a simple scar or something more serious is with a biopsy. This will determine whether the tissue here is a cyst, granuloma or just an apical scar.

Treatments for Apical Scars

There are some therapies that may help to reduce the appearance of the scar. However, this is not always beneficial depending on the circumstance.

The best thing a patient can do is speak with their dentist to find out what they can do about the scar. An apical scar needs to be addressed with the proper endodontics in Houston to ensure it is benign and not something more serious.

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