Hypercementosis (cementum hyperplasia)

Dealing With Hypercementosis

One of your greatest assets is a warm bright smile. Smiling a dazzling white grin can open doors in social and business relationships. Unfortunately there are a number of threats that can ruin your smile for life. Hypercementosis is one such threat which causes the teeth to appear uneven and chipped. There are several factors that can lead to the unsightly condition such as Paget’s Disease, acromegaly and direct trauma.

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What is Hypercementosis

The term actually equates to ‘too much cementum’ and that’s what causes the issue. The cementum is deposited too heavily around the gums of one or more teeth. The additional material gives the tooth the appearance of being enlarged and it can even damage your smile. Teeth affected by hypercementosis may also appear to be chipped, because cementum forms misshapen and jagged deposits can form on the tooth’s apex. The deposits may appear as small white ridges along the top of the teeth, and they damage your smile. This condition can also led to more serious medical issues unless it’s addressed immediately. However, you must first be diagnosed with the condition, before you can seek treatment.

Symptoms for Hypercementosis

The most obvious symptom would be ridges along the tooth’s apex, but there others. For instance you may feel discomfort in the tooth or a painful sensation. The gums might not be able to accommodate all the additional cementum which cuts additional strain on the tooth. Two teeth can also become fused together if the condition is left untreated. Fused teeth are extremely unsightly, and they can even be painful.

This disease can even lead to the loss of eyesight if it’s left untreated. In rare cases, hypercementosis can actually restrict blood flow to other vital organs like the eyes. If the apical foramen is denied blood flow for too long, the pupil can actually experience necrosis.

Having this condition treated is about so much more than just improving your smile, and with our endodontics in Houston, we can ensure your experience is pleasant.

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