How Does Dental Bonding Work

Dental BondingThere are a number of different threats that can damage teeth, such as cavities or tooth trauma. Fortunately, there are also a number of viable solutions for repairing teeth that have been damaged. One such solution is dental bonding, which provides a more practical solution that dentures. Dentures and partials are designed to replace entire teeth or an entire mouth of teeth. However, dental bonding is a process that’s repairs cracked or chipped teeth with a seamless bond.

What is Dental Bonding

Also known as adhesive dentistry, dental bonding refers to the practice of permanently attaching a tooth colored piece of resin to a damaged tooth. The resin is usually composed from a durable plastic, and it functions just as well as tooth enamel. Each piece of resin has to be specifically designed to match the patient’s tooth. When the procedure is complete, the patient is left with a solution that can’t be detected by sight. The process is usually reserved for the repairing broken teeth, but it has been expanded to include the correcting of gaps between the teeth. In some cases dental bonding can even be used as an alternative to caps or crowns. These pieces of metal can be unsightly, but the composite material blends seamlessly with the tooth.

After the composite material has been fixed to the tooth, it is then bonded using a universal adhesive. There are several different universal adhesives, which can be confusing. However, the term universal means the adhesive will universally bond to all materials used in dentistry, including metal dentin and others. The adhesive then has to be cured to the tooth, and this is what causes the permanent bond.

Can the Bond be Broken?

A sufficient amount of force trauma can cause the bond to be undone, but this type of force would have probably been enough to crack a whole tooth. In most cases the bond lasts for life, but there are rare instances of bond failure. Bonding isn’t the solution for multiple missing teeth, but it can make a damaged smile look like new again.

A cracked or chipped tooth can ruin someone’s smile, but dental bonding can be used to repair these issues with a single treatment from your Houston Endodontist. Contact us today at Gulf Coast Endodontics for more information!

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