Our dental expertise goes beyond basic dental care. Our professionals treat the pulp and surrounding areas of the tooth when an injury occurs. The area directly below the tooth is the root or pulp of the tooth. The pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. This area keeps the tooth viable or living. When any injury occurs below the tooth, he or she may be referred to an endodontic treatment specialist to treat this area of the tooth. Endodontic treatment may or may not include surgical intervention to save the tooth. Frequently, we may recommend non-surgical interventions.

Dedicated to Positive Patient Experiences

We understand that he or she may not like to visit the dentist, but when patients visit our endodontics clinic on a referral by their primary dentist, we know they are going to have a positive experience. We make sure our patients understand we are here for them. We eliminate concerns, and he or she knows they are going to be just fine during any dental procedure.

Perhaps he or she needs a root canal due to a traumatic tooth injury causing a tooth concussion. This scenario is enough to give anyone jitters about what to expect, and he or she may put off going to this specialist until they cannot stand the pain any concussion

In the Event of a Tooth Concussion

A tooth concussion does not loosen or displace the tooth. What it does do is cause injury to the supporting structures of the tooth. There may be pain and tenderness below the tooth and possible bleeding around the gum line. A concussion does cause an element of inflammation in the structure supporting the tooth.

Treatment for a concussion relies heavily on the fact that the tooth remains stationary. We recommend a soft diet for at least two weeks and splinting of the tooth if the tooth is loose.

We may see a need to relieve occlusion of the tooth through endodontic therapy and several follow-up visits to assure the tooth remains healthy and no further problems occur in the future. We can provide that root canal in Houston for you.

In Conclusion

Our dentists in this Houston endodontic clinic use state-of-the-art technology and procedures bringing to our clients’ pleasant experiences and results. Our dental staff is here to serve and eliminate any serious dental fears and issues. Never put off taking care of your teeth and schedule an appointment with a dedicated endodontist today!