Bite Test

What is the Bite Test

The human body is a machine with many interconnected parts. Therefore, an issue with something as small as your smile can lead to a litany of other issues. For instance, some people are able to relieve migraine headaches by getting braces. Anyone who’s suffering from headaches, neck aches or just sensitive teeth should consider undergoing the bite test. This simple procedure can help to determine if the position of the teeth is responsible for a series of painful ailments.

Bite Test Needed

How Does the Bite Test Work

The procedure is quick and painless, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. It consists of the patient biting down on a special sensor which is designed to fit comfortably into one’s mouth. After a few seconds of biting down, the information is transferred to a computer within the device. The bite test measures several important aspects to determine if the patient’s issues are caused by an imbalanced bite.

These important aspects include:

  • The balance of the bite
  • The force of the teeth
  • The timing of the bite.

This information is critical because it can be used to determine any resulting issues and long-term solutions for those issues. Most bite tests can be analyzed within the dentist’s office where the patient can see exactly how his or her teeth are misaligned, and the dentist can explain exactly what needs to be done to correct the issue.

The technical term for an imbalanced bite is malocclusion, and it’s more serious than most people realize. When people bite down, all of their top teeth should contact the bottom teeth at around the same time with the same amount of force. When this doesn’t happen, it puts additional stress on the other muscles in the head. This is why some people will experience jaw soreness, headaches and neck pain. Other symptoms include worn teeth, cracked teeth, receding gums, and a host more.

An endodontist can help you if you think you need a bite test. Contact Gulf Coast Endodontics today if you’re looking for a quality endodontist in Houston.

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