Dental Apexification for Damaged Teeth or Roots

Houston endodontistA person’s smile is as big an asset as an impressive wardrobe or a stellar resume. People with serious dental issues may be ashamed to smile for fear of revealing their broken or rotten teeth. Unfortunately, refusing to smile can make people uncomfortable and ruin golden opportunities. There are a number of threats that can damage a smile, because teeth are more complex than people realize.

Protecting a Living Smile

We may not think of them that way, but our teeth are actually living creatures. This is why we experience so much pain when there’s an issue with a tooth. One of the worst dental emergencies anyone can have is the death of tooth pulp. This is an excruciating condition known as pulp necrosis, but there are modern ways to combat the dying tooth. Your Houston endodontist can help protect your smile.

Dental Apexification

This, long term, is a very viable solution for addressing pulp necrosis or a root with an open apex. In the later instance, the root of the tooth has begun to fray at its very tip. This damage can spread up the root, unless something is done to prevent it. A calcified barrier can sometimes be used to stop the damaged root from splitting any further. Anytime there’s an issue with the root of a tooth, the patient is subjected to unimaginable pain. Fortunately, there are more solutions available now than at any time in the past. Apexification can stop the further damage to a split nerve or develop a stunted root in a dying tooth.

Apexification for Stunted Roots

A dying tooth’s root may not develop properly, but apexification can help to address this. In order to apply an apexification to a damaged root, the patient must first undergo a root canal. The canal must first be cleaned and shaped before the it can be filled with a paste of calcium hydroxide. When the root is undeveloped, the calcium is left in place for a prolonged period. This gives the root a chance to develop until it’s fully formed. It should be noted that apexification can be performed without the use of calcium hydroxide, but this substance is a ideal for keeping the canal clean and free from infection.

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