Your Houston Endodontist Safely Uses Anesthesia

If you’ve recently found out that you need to have a root canal, it is normal to feel nervous about the procedure. But a root canal performed by a qualified Houston endodontist is a very safe procedure, and many patients end up feeling that the anxiety they felt was unwarranted. For those who truly feel anxious about having a root canal, anesthesia is an option that may help you relax.

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What Does Anesthesia Do?

Anesthesia blocks the sensation of pain temporarily, allowing the medical professional to complete a procedure without the patient feeling anything. The medication also helps the patient to relax mentally and physically. Some types of anesthesia even allow the patient’s muscles to relax and the mind to enter a state of unconsciousness or feel a sensation of time passing more quickly than normal.

Types of Anesthesia

There are a few different types of anesthesia that may be used during a medical or dental procedure, depending on the length and severity of the procedure and the patient’s medical history. General anesthesia allows a patient to relax completely by entering a state similar to sleep during a procedure. The patient will have no memory of the procedure and wake after the procedure is done. Sedation is a form of anesthesia that allows the patient to feel extremely relaxed without being asleep. Patients under sedation are awake and responsive during the procedure but are not as alert as usual. Regional anesthesia isolates a certain part of the body, given it a frozen sensation while the procedure is performed.

How Is Anesthesia Used During a Root Canal?

Depending on the patient’s preference and the recommendations of the endodontist, a patient may enter sedation to have a root canal done. This may be administered in the form of a tablet or intravenously. Some endodontists perform root canals using a regional anesthetic to freeze the gums around the tooth before they begin. Each dental practice and patient is different, so discuss your options with your endodontist before your procedure.

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