Your Houston Endodontist Explains Apexogenesis

Houston endodontistA smile is something that most people take for granted until they have issues with their teeth. Tooth decay is actually the most common disease among humans, and this is only one dental condition about which people have to worry. Teeth are living creatures which are capable of dying. Even a living tooth can suffer from issues such as traumatization and root damage. These issues are best addressed by Dental Apexogenesis, a process that encourages the growth of to close the end of the root of a traumatized tooth. It’s important to note that this process is only viable when the tooth has healthy pulp. A necrotic tooth is best treated by dental apexification while apexogenesis can prevent the tooth from dying.

What is Apexogenesis

Apexogenesis can refer to the normal health development of a tooth’s root, or to the stimulation of a damaged root. This process is used to prevent further damage to a split root in an otherwise healthy tooth. The healthy pulp may actually be exposed in a traumatized tooth, and this too must be addressed. The pulpal tissue is covered with a protective layer of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA). The MTA keeps the pulp free from bacteria while encouraging the root to develop. This is a process that is usually performed on younger patients with underdeveloped teeth and roots. Apexogenesis is an effective treatment, and the tooth becomes healthier as the root continues to grow.

What Causes Tooth Trauma

Most trauma to the teeth is caused by striking the tooth against a had surface. This can be caused by a fall or a sports injury. Sometimes. the tooth is chipped, and it’s easy to identify the damage and other times, the damage is internal and unseen. Fortunately, there are a number of symptoms displayed by a traumatized tooth.

Symptoms of Tooth Trauma

  • Loose or painful tooth
  • Discoloration in an isolated tooth
  • Bleeding in the gums around a single tooth
  • Cracks or splits in the tooth

It’s important to immediately deal with tooth trauma and root damage, because a traumatized tooth can still be saved if it’s treated in time. A necrotic tooth will never heal and it can spread disease to the healthy teeth. Prompt action can mean the difference between having a healthy smile or a mouth full of rotten teeth so seek a Houston endodontist soon after a tooth is damaged.

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