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Root canal treatment is the sole option to keep your natural tooth. We offer specialized care with the most cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment.

GCE provides extensive endodontic services, which include root canal therapy in Houston, root canal retreatment, root canal surgery (Apicoectomy), treatment of cracked teeth, and traumatic dental injuries. Our compassionate team is dedicated to creating a comfortable and friendly environment for you.

Looking for an Endodontist in Houston?

Endodontist in HoustonHaving a root canal is not the traumatizing experience it is thought up to be. Gulf Coast Endodontics services are performed in a comforting and friendly environment. You can schedule dental treatment with Gulf Coast Endodontics on any weekday, and then go to work immediately thereafter. We also offer emergency dental services. No referral is required, and we’ll treat you with the immediacy your dental condition demands.

Our staff specializes in root canal therapy and other endodontic services. We strive to provide you only the most up-to-date quality endodontic services. We strive to consistently better industry standards within each of our office locations spanning the Greater Houston Area.

Endodontics Services Throughout the Greater Houston Area

Gulf Coast Endodontics currently has three office locations. Our office locations cater to the central Houston, greater Pasadena, and greater Cypress areas. Our offices each offer the same unmatched level of excellence in specialized treatments and patient care.

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Gulf Coast Endodontics excels in distinctive patient care. Not only is our dental equipment state-of-the-art, but our offices all provide a comforting atmosphere with warming decor and, above all, our positive and friendly staff members. Our receptionists and dental assistants are each personally attentive, receptive, patient, and caring. Our endodontists all provide an excellent caliber of care, patience, and dexterity, making sure your teeth receive the best treatment possible.

Among our patients include those normally prone to avoid dental care due to fear of a stressful treatment as well as dentists and dental assistants. Our patients of all backgrounds agree that our equipment and treatment procedures are incomparable. Also, did you know that you can watch a TV show or a movie while having a root canal in Houston? At Gulf Coast Endodontics, we offer an exclusive level of comfort.